How to Recover Deleted Messages From WhatsApp?

WhatsApp makes our lives more easier and comfortable by connecting with our loved ones like relatives, friends, and family members. But Sometimes it becomes irritating when accidentally or carelessly, you have deleted your important WhatsApp messages without saving them. This act makes you anxious and depressed because you see no more chance to recover these deleted messages.

Don’t worry, now this is possible to recover deleted messages from WhatsApp, even if you haven’t backed up WhatsApp messages. There are several ways to recover deleted messages from WhatsApp. Here, we use some easy ways like using Android memory and Android apps. So, if you are looking for how to recover deleted messages from WhatsApp, this article will help you to recover important messages.

Recover Deleted Messages From WhatsApp using Android memory

Firstly, we use the Android memory method to recover deleted messages from WhatsApp.

If you haven’t backed up your WhatsApp messages manually, no need to worry. You don’t know your messages have been saved in Android memory, even if you haven’t backed up. To recover deleted WhatsApp messages from Android memory, follow the below simple steps.

Step 1. Open the File Manager app from your Android phone. By default, your phone creates the last 7 day’s backup files.

Step 2. From the File Manager, tap on Internal Storage.

Step 3. Open the WhatsApp folder and select the Databases option (Sometimes it is located in the SD Card, if you have chosen its path).

Step 4. Rename the backup file. Change the name from msgstore-YYYY-MM-DD.1.db.crypt14 to msgstore.db.crypt14.

Step 5. Reinstall WhatsApp and press recover. Your all deleted messages will be recovered successfully.

Recover Deleted Messages From WhatsApp using Android apps

Secondly, we use some useful Android apps that will help to recover deleted messages from WhatsApp.

WAMR: Undelete messages!

WAMR is one of my favorite apps that I personally use for WhatsApp deleted messages recovery. This amazing app is helpful when your friend sends you a message and instantly deletes it, the deleted message is automatically recovered in WAMR. The app is working for WhatsApp as well as other social apps like Messenger, Skype, and more. To start the recovery process, you just need to install WAMR on your phone and allow permissions for WhatsApp or other social apps.

Thus, each time your friend sends you a message, it will recover into this app even if they instantly delete it. Moreover, WAMR also helps to recover photos, videos, voice notes, animated GIFs, documents, and stickers. It is offered by drilens and has over 50 million downloads on the Google Play Store. Overall, WAMR is a great app to recover deleted messages from WhatsApp.


WhatisRemoved+ is another best WhatsApp messaging recovery app, created by Development Colors. Its working process is simple, it monitors apps like WhatsApp and saves the deleted data for recovery. Just while installing, you have to give permission to the apps that you want to monitor and recover their messages. After installing WhatisRemoved+ on your phone, it detects the deleting message and shows a notification.

Like WAMR, this app also helps to recover messages and all other media deleted from WhatsApp. WhatisRemoved+ is downloaded by over 10 million users worldwide. It is the safest app that keeps your messages secrets and doesn’t share with any external server. It comes with more features like scan folders for viewing deleted files, an easy-to-use interface, saving the history of the selected notifications, a window looking for deleted messages, and many more.

Recover Deleted Messages

Recover Deleted Messages is an all-in-one app that performs multiple tasks like restoring deleted WhatsApp messages, hiding blue ticks, and freezing the last seen. This app also allows you to recover deleted media from WhatsApp such as videos, pictures, voice notes, GIFs, and important documents. This useful app was designed by Guru Technology. Recover Deleted Messages app is the most popular app with more than 5 million downloads and a 4.1-star rating on the Google Play Store.

Its top features include messages recovery for WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger, get notifications when deleted chats, recover WhatsApp Business messages, hide secret chats, and allows to download recovered photos. It is a fabulous and helpful app for people looking for the best message recovery app. More apps by Guru Technology available on the Play Store are Phone Call Recorder, Deleted WA Message Recover, and CamShot.

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Auto RDM: Recover Messages

Auto RDM by ZipoApps is a versatile app to restore deleted messages and media files from your favorite platforms like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Instagram, and Skype. Sometimes when your friend sends you a message and deletes it before you see it, you feel annoyed. Auto RDM helps to read these deleted messages by scanning your notifications. It is a universal tool, that not only recovers deleted messages but also allows you to send direct messages to numbers without saving them in the contacts list.

The app only recovers those messages who stored encrypted. It creates a backup to read messages from notifications. When the message backup exists that has been deleted, then it becomes easy to recover them. Auto RDM doesn’t work when chat is muted or messages are deleted before installation of the app. With over 10 million downloads on the Google Play Store, it has become one of the best deleted message recovery apps for WhatsApp.

WA Delete – Messages Recovery

WA Delete is a reliable tool to recover your secretive messages and media. It is offered by A1 Office Apps. If you lost your important WhatsApp messages due to a mistake or device malfunction, the app helps to restore these messages with ease. It has a user-friendly interface, easy to operate for anyone. With just a few taps, you can easily scan your phone and recover any deleted message or media file.

The app also allows to recovery of individual messages or entire chats. It comes with several features such as restoring and saving media in your phone gallery, direct chat with any number, and enabling dark mode. You can also extract chats from Google Drive if you don’t have a local backup. WA Delete app has a 33 MB download size and can be easily installed on your phone.

Restory see deleted messages

Restory is another deleted messages recovery app in our list, offered by ReApps. The app is available on the Google Play Store and has been downloaded by over 5 million people. To recover messages you have to install it on your phone and grant permission. Once you install it, it will show a notification when any message deleted by the sender, can be easily seen a message by clicking on notification.

The app comes with various amazing features that make it stand out among others. Restory app can be used for free with some ads, for the ad-free experience you have to purchase its pro version. Premium users can easily use it for messages and media file recovery. So, let’s install the app from the Play Store and start the recovery process.

All Deleted Messages Recovery

Are you trying to recover deleted WhatsApp messages and not find any authentic way, don’t worry All Deleted Messages Recovery app makes it easier for you. When someone sends you a picture, video, or message and instantly deletes it before you open it, it creates curiosity and you think deeply. All Deleted Messages Recovery app is best in such a situation, saving the deleted file that is recoverable.

This app is helpful for recovering deleted messages from WhatsApp, Telegram, and other social apps. It has lots of fantastic features such as recover deleted pictures, videos, and voice notes, works for all social network apps, is used as a status saver, and more.

Deleted WA Message Recover

Another best message recovery app in our list by Guru Technology is Deleted WA Message Recover. This app’s working process is about the same as the above apps, helping to recover deleted messages as well as secret media files. Never need to get frustrated when anyone sends you a message and instantly deletes it without your viewing, because this app helps to recover unseen deleted messages by scanning notifications.

Its main features include auto-store deleted WhatsApp messages and media, working for Facebook Messenger and Telegram, notifying you whenever your friend deletes a message, and keeps your data safe and secure. More than 100,000 users download this app from the Google Play Store.

WD PRO: Undelete Messages

WD PRO is also designed for message recovery, deleted mistakenly or negligence, published by TheHexCoders. The app helps to view deleted messages, hide last seen and blue ticks, and reply to anyone without opening WhatsApp. You can also download WhatsApp status and save it to your phone for future use. WD PRO’s top features are easy-to-use and attractive UI, recover text messages and media, hide chats, and others.

WD PRO is a bit less popular on the Google Play Store with only 50k+ downloads, but its 4.7-star rating shows how effective the app is. There are some limitations of this app like show ads, not working on muted chats, and the need to grant permissions to work properly.

GC Recover Deleted Messages

GC Recover Deleted Messages is the last app on our list, developed by Shenguangyuan. It is a stunning app to detect and recover deleted text messages from any instant messaging apps such as WhatsApp, Telegram, Skype, and Messenger. The working phenomenon of this app is also the same. Install this app from the Google Play Store to enable permissions for all the social apps and that’s it, your phone ready to recover deleted data.

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