11 Best Open World Games For Android in 2024

Best Open World Games For Android

Open world games are most popular among gamers because they allow players to achieve their goals at a large scale and have the freedom to interact with people worldwide. There are multiple open world games in different genres like shooters, horrors, RPGs (role-playing games), adventures, puzzles, and many others. The Grand Theft Auto series is the world’s best example of open world games.

The best graphics, excellent sound quality, interesting theme, high-class design, and great control matter a lot in an ideal game. In this post, we have compiled a list of the 11 best open world games for Android in 2024. All the games in our list meet the requirements of a high-quality game, helping to enhance your gaming experience.

Best Open World Games For Android

Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact is one of the best open world games for Android, developed by COGNOSPHERE PTE. LTD. In this game, you and your siblings arrive at Teyvat (a continent) and suddenly you are lost. Your powers are stripped and your journey begins to find a way to get out of this strange world. The game’s beautiful visuals and realistic character animations take you into the real world.

It comes with many versatile features including soothing soundtracks, making your dream team, and joining new friends. Genshin Impact is an action role-playing game that was released on 26 September 2020. Its more than 100 million downloads on its Google Play Store prove that this game is such a popular game.


Minecraft has unique gameplay that allows you to transform your imagination into the real world. The game has been made from blocks with the ability to adventure solo or with friends. Players can also get exclusive worlds, custom skins, and texture packs from their favorite community creators. With its multiplayer mode play with up to 10 friends and get instant access to more than 150 in-game items.

The game comes with a 30-day free trial for new registered users. It was developed by Mojang on 15 August 2011. It is a casual single-player and multiplayer game with controller support. It has a 4.5-star rating and more than 50 million downloads on the Google Play Store. So, let’s play Minecraft with friends on mobile, PC, and console, and fend off dangerous mobs.

Gangstar Vegas

Gameloft SE, a popular name in the gaming industry, has developed a free open game world with Gang Wars Gangstar Vegas. You become a leader of the gang in Las Vegas and complete adventure-packed missions. It is an RPG (role-playing game) adventure game with street fights, fight-night boxing, and mafia deals. In this open world game, you are facing racing challenges with different vehicles and weapons.

Many robbers and thieves chase you in racing using bikes, trucks, and boats. You have to defeat these robbers and complete all missions to win. The game includes in-game purchases for extra features. It is used by more than 100 million users worldwide. Due to their unique gameplay and beautiful graphics, Gangstar Vegas is considered one of the best open world games for Android.

Pokémon GO

Pokémon GO is an online multiplayer RPG adventure game by Niantic, Inc. It allows you to catch your favorite Pokémon and battle with other players in Augmented Reality (AR). As you catch powerful Pokémon, you will level up, the whole process is known as Pokédex. You can also earn adventure rewards during battle leagues in multiplayer or online PvP mode.

It also allows you to switch between the real world and the virtual world with the AR+ mode. It is an online free-to-play game with in-game purchases for pro users. It comes with surprising features such as battling with other trainers, composing your team, raiding with friends in multiplayer battles, and epic Gym battles. Pokémon GO was released on 13 December 2016.

MadOut2: Grand Auto Racing

MadOut2 is a role-playing shooter, sandbox, and action racing game. This fantastic game allows you to battle with up to 200 Massive multiplayer. It comes with more than 30 immersive story missions, each with epic battles, danger, and high-stakes racing action. Players can also take command over 70 racing cars including sports cars and off-road vehicles, offering new style, high speed, and handling.

It was offered by Ivanchuk Vladislav on 1 May 2017. If you are a GTA series lover and looking for a free-to-play game then you should try MadOut2. It was downloaded by over 50 million users worldwide. Its amazing features include a huge collection of cars, maps, helicopters, trains, real-life vehicles, airplanes, and high graphics. The car sound effects and destruction physics are super realistic. There are so many missions and stuff that literally never bore you.

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CarX Street

CarX Street is an open world street racing game, developed by CarX Technologies, LLC. Players can enjoy realistic races on city streets and highways to accept challenges and level up. It is also possible to derive cars at top speed, join clubs, defeat players, and achieve your goal to win. The game allows players to build their dream car to upgrade the engine and other body parts.

It is the most realistic mobile racing game with immersive physics, controls, and high-quality graphics. The game was released on 1 February 2023 with in-game purchases. CarX Street has more than 10 million downloads on the Google Play Store. So, if you’re looking for an open-world game in the racing genre, we recommend CarX Street.

Grand Theft Auto V: The Manual

Grand Theft Auto V by Rockstar Games is a great open world game for Android with more than 50 million downloads on the Google Play Store. Other than Android, it is also available for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox One, Xbox 360, and PC. It comes with more interesting features but the map views are useful features that can be switched between atlas, satellites, and roads.

It is available in several languages and can be played in offline mode. You’ll find the maps of Los Santos and Blaine County to enjoy the game in different areas. Due to its stunning graphics, over 100 pages to explore ins and outs, and multiple game modes it is one of the best one world games for Android.

Tower of Fantasy

Tower of Fantasy has been joined by more than 20 million players worldwide. It is an immersive open world game filled with a vast alien world full of beautiful open scenes and imposing futuristic structures. It is also possible to make a team of friends to enjoy PvP content and face the challenges together to get rewards. This amazing game was released on 7 August 2022 by Level Infinite.

Moreover, its new version launched with some exciting features including new maps, new enemies, a new Simulacrum (the first weapon), and many more. It is available on the Google Play Store with over 5 million downloads. You will be surprised to know that popular games like PUBG Mobile, PUBG Mobile Lite, and Ludo World-Ludo Superstar are also developed by Level Infinite.

Old School RuneScape

Old School RuneScape is the most popular and the world’s largest MMORPG, offered by Jagex Games Studio. It has been played by over 10 million players since its release in 2018. You can battle with bosses through three incredible raiding encounters. It also allows cross-platform gameplay, which means you will play with mobile or desktop. You can play alone or together with other heroes to gain glory through challenges.

The game includes in-app purchases for premium players. It is the only MMORPG in the world that content voted by the players. It is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game with over 2800 decisions players help to shape the game. It is also available for iOS, GeForce Now, Microsoft Windows, Linux, macOS, and Mac operating systems. It is the successor to RuneScape which was released in 2007.

Botworld Adventure

Botworld Adventure is an adventure role-playing game (RPG) that helps to discover rare scrap and new companions called bots. You can choose a variety of robotic animals to complete missions. Alongside these bots, you will experience the thrill of traveling across the map and battles with other characters. With its 3D graphics, you will be able to see from a top-down viewpoint. It is offered by Featherweight.

In addition, on the left side of the screen, a joystick is located to control the charge of the area where you are talking to the inhabitants of this land. The game features a huge city with stores to acquire new skills and bots. More play will help make your character stronger and stronger. It comes with simplicity and unique gameplay that helps to collect powerful bots to build the ultimate team.

Dragonheir: Silent Gods

Last but not least, Dragonheir: Silent Gods is another high-fantasy role-playing game (RPG), developed by SGRA Studio and published by Nuverse Games. It comes with a wide array of activities and gameplay such as solving complex puzzles, participating in drinking contests, and hunting for treasure. More than 200 heroes with unique abilities are waiting to join the fight. You can also join the fight with friends to defeat enemies.

It is available for Android, Microsoft Windows, and Mac operating systems. It is a free-to-play strategy video game whose visuals are based on the Dungeons & Dragons worlds. It was originally released on 11 September 2023. With its brand-new storyline, gameplay, characters, artifacts, challenges, and dice appearances it is considered one of the most useful open world games for Android.

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