How to Boost Internet Speed on Android Phone?

How to Boost Internet Speed on Android Phone

A reliable and fast-speed internet is essential for your Android phone to browse continuously and stay connected to the outside world. But sometimes you get irritated when your device’s internet connection becomes slow. Whether you use your phone for gaming, streaming, browsing or social networking, a strong internet connection is always important. There are several ways available to boost internet speed on your Android. In this post, we will share some effective ways to boost internet speed on Android phones that make your phone’s internet smoother and faster.

Boost Internet Speed on Android Phone (Using Tips)

Here are some useful tips and tricks that help to speed up the internet on your Android phone.

Restart your phone

If you are using your phone for an extended period of time without any rest then a few apps may create some glitches, causing slow down your phone’s internet. Hence, restart your phone during these times to refresh its apps for smooth performance and speedy internet.

Check your data usage limit

Sometimes your phone’s data limit is exceeded without your knowledge, which slows down your internet. Go to your phone data settings option and increase the limit for smooth and uninterrupted internet. To avoid the data usage limit, we recommend turning off the data limit from the settings.

Check for updates

Not updating the phone’s software can also affect your phone’s performance, causing bad internet even at strong signals. That’s why, always check updates for your phone regularly and update software if required.

Move to a new location

Location may also affect your internet speed. Sometimes, at your current location the strength of signals may be weak, therefore change your location and check where signal strength is strong. As you find the location, remember that location and enjoy high-speed internet.

Close background apps

The apps running in your phone’s background using lots of data can result in poor internet. To avoid your data loss and bad internet, close the background apps and check your internet speed. Definitely, you will see positive results.

Close a VPN

A VPN is also a big factor in interrupting your phone’s internet connection. Because VPN uses a lot of your internet itself for encryption, resulting in poor internet. To speed up the internet close your VPN and see results.

Clear cache

When we use our phone daily its cache memory fills up automatically, slowing down your phone’s performance and internet connection. Hence, clear the cache to boost internet speed on your Android phone. To clear the cache go to Settings > Apps & notifications, you will see all the apps. Just tap on the app and go to Storage > Clear cache.

Enable data saver mode

Enabling data saver mode can also help to boost internet speed on your Android phone. Because when we enable data saver mode, it restricts your internet for the apps running in the background. But this feature is available on some phones.

Disable auto-updates for apps

No doubt, keeping apps updated for your phone is essential, but automatic app updates may cause to slow down your internet speed. To avoid this situation always disable auto-updates and update your apps manually when you are connected to high-speed WiFi. This feature can be disabled in the Google Play Store settings option.

Connect to another network

If your current network shows slow internet speed, connect your phone to another network such as WiFi or cellular network. After connecting see the difference and identify the fault in your phone or in the network.

Use a fast and secure browser

Always choose a fast and secure browser because it can also impact your internet speed. Most popular and trusted browsers like Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox are constantly working to improve their security. Moreover, their regular updates improve your internet performance.

Reset your network settings

If your phone’s internet still doesn’t boost after using the above tips, resetting your phone network settings is the only way to fix it. To reset network settings go to Settings > System > Reset options > Reset WiFi, mobile & Bluetooth.

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Boost Internet Speed on Android Phone (Using Apps)

Here we are using some useful apps that help to boost internet speed on Android phone.

Connection Stabilizer Booster

Connection Stabilizer Booster is basically designed to analyze the issues with your internet connection such as on a WiFi hotspot or cellular network. After analyzing, it also helps to resolve the issue. This amazing app is available on the Google Play Store with over 5 million downloads. It is developed by Supersonic Software. The app comes with an “Active Reconnect” feature. This feature monitors your phone’s internet connection and re-establishs the connection if dropped. It has the ability to automatically reconnect your 4G or 5G mobile data connection as soon as losses.

Internet Optimizer Pro

Internet Optimizer Pro is another best app to boost internet speed on Android phones. This app changes your phone’s DNS server to optimize your internet connection. Changing DNS servers can be helpful for many reasons like private and secure web surfing, access blocked websites, and speed up your internet.

Internet Optimizer Pro is offered by King It Limited. It is officially available on the Google Play Store with more than 100k downloads. After installing it on your phone, you can see improvements in your internet speed. With this app, you can play lower ping for online games, reduce video buffering, fast browsing, and less lag in your internet connection.


Speedify is a unique app that bonds multiple internet sources and makes a super-connection for reliable and fast browsing. If you are tired of your slow internet connection then Speedify will resolve your problem. This app bonds your WiFi and cellular connections together and provides you with buffering free video streaming. Speedify is user-friendly, easy-to-use, and compatible with all streaming services. Moreover, It helps to improve live streaming, boost gaming performance, reliable web browsing, and lag-free video calling.

Speedify is a type of VPN that increases your online privacy and security as well as speeds up your internet connection. With its Pair & Share feature, you can easily share your internet data with your friends or family members. Its bonding technology is excellent and allows you to use multiple connections like Wi-Fi, cellular data, Ethernet, tethered phones, and satellites at the same time. This amazing app is offered by Connectify Inc. and has been downloaded over 10 million times from the Google Play Store.

Net Optimizer

Net Optimizer by Mega Fortuna is another great app that helps to find and connect the fastest DNS server based on your network and location. It also helps to improve web surfing speed, fix lag, and reduce ping time for a better online gaming experience. The app comes with multiple features including find the fastest DNS server to optimize your connection, automatically detect connection issues, working for both WiFi as well as cellular data, scan manually all available DNS servers, and supports multiple DNS servers.

When you use high-speed internet but still notice slow speed in your web browsing, it means that there is an issue in your DNS. With Net Optimizer you can easily find the fastest DNS server, which results in boosting your internet speed. Net Optimizer is most popular on the Google Play Store with over 10 million downloads and 4.5 ratings.

Smooth NET

Smooth NET by 80UGame is the ultimate solution for fast and secure web browsing. This is a two-in-one app, which means helps to speed up your internet connection as well as protect your data and privacy. It comes with state-of-the-art encryption technology that ensures your security and privacy all the time. Its vast network servers are spread globally and provide reliable and fast connections everywhere in the world. By using this app you can see less lag and buffering time, ensuring your online appearance is smooth and hassle-free.

The app is designed with an easy-to-use interface and is beginner-friendly. Just install this app from the Google Play Store and with a single tap connect to any server. This amazing app is useful for beginners and advanced users to optimize your internet connection. It is also known as a “Network booster”.

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