12 Best Multiplayer Horror Games For Android in 2024

Best Multiplayer Horror Games For Android

There is no doubt that horror games have gained the most popularity among people in recent years. Especially, Android users always enjoy the thrill of these amazing games, whether they play alone or with friends. Many people love to play horror games in multiplayer mode. That’s why, they are looking for the best multiplayer horror games for Android.

There are a number of horror games available on the Google Play Store for Android devices. However, the selection of top multiplayer horror games is a very tough task. In this post, we will discuss about the 12 best multiplayer horror games for Android in 2024.

Best Multiplayer Horror Games For Android

Eyes Horror & Coop Multiplayer

Eyes Horror & Coop Multiplayer is one the best multiplayer horror games for Android with over 50 million downloads on the Google Play Store. It is offered by Fearless Games sp. j. This multiplayer horror game tests your survival skills from ghosts and scary creatures. The game allows you to choose from multiple scary monsters and beasts, custom visuals and audio, an old haunted house, a desolated school, and an abandoned hospital.

The game’s useful features include the use of mystical Eye runes, hand-drawn maps for the next move, various gameplay modes, and the ability to compete with fellow adventurers online or offline. Eyes Horror game create a perfect horror and thrilling atmosphere with different visuals and sound effects. So, let’s install Eyes Horror & Coop Multiplayer and take the gaming experience to the next level.

Specimen Zero – Online horror

Specimen Zero is another best horror game on our list, developed by Cafe Studio Games. In this game, you will suddenly kidnap and wake up in a strange place. In that strange place, you felt something dangerous and out of the ordinary, you must have to escape yourself. Moreover, you will explore a big dark area with a horror hospital, a horror school, secret buildings, and mysterious rooms.

In order to escape from scary monsters and horror places, you need to solve puzzles and collect items. You don’t make loud noise because the monsters might see and hear you. You can also escape from monsters with the help of your friends in online multiplayer mode. It is recommended to use headphones while playing the Specimen Zero horror game.

Endless Nightmare 2

Endless Nightmare 2 is a new multiplayer horror game that was released on December 13, 2021. The whole story of this game revolves around the scary hospital. The gameplay is thrilling, you wake up in the hospital and start investigating the case that the people are missing and are in danger in the mysterious hospital. You need to search the scary rooms in the hospital, solve free puzzles, and collect useful clues to escape from the ghosts and monsters.

In addition, always be careful because many scary ghosts see you. If you meet a powerful monster and can’t beat it, hide yourself in a cabinet and wait for it to leave. There are many knives and guns added in the game, collect them to beat creepy ghosts. Its amazing features include a 3D graphics style, horror music and sound effects, and weapons to kill evil.

Granny’s House

Granny’s House by SUPERCAT is the most exciting horror game in which children are locked in a Granny’s House. The gameplay of the game is to escape the children from the mad mansion without getting caught. Users can improve and mix their skills to defeat enemies. With its multiplayer modes, people can get help from their friends or team members to escape from Granny’s House.

The players can earn rewards by defeating all the enemies. With its Metaverse Square feature, players participate from all over the world and earn bounties to catch the Mine Robber. You can also claim the earned rewards. Overall, Granny’s House is one of the best multiplayer horror games with more than 10 million downloads on the Google Play Store.

The Ghost – Multiplayer Horror

The Ghost is another multiplayer horror game whose story lies around a haunted hospital, a high school, and apartments. The game is most popular on the Google Play Store with over 10 million downloads and a 4.1-star rating. Players go to the hospital for treatment and on the last day of discharge they feel something happened. They read in a magazine that the hospital is a haunted place and that’s why they try to escape themselves from the ghosts.

The game is full of suspense and thrill for those who love to play horror games alone or in team form. Moreover, players wake up in a high school and apartments, trying to kill ghosts to save their lives. Players can also win rewards to complete tasks and save themselves from the evils. The Ghost allows you to play with up to 5 players and the option for players to choose whether they play as a survivor or play as a ghost.

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Spider Horror Multiplayer

Spider Horror Multiplayer is a new horror game in which monsters attack players in the form of a spider. The story of this game is unique, a group of friends plan a trip to a town that is far away from the city. When they arrived in the town, monsters attacked him in the form of spiders and they found a way to escape. The game provides multiple items, clues, weapons, and even help get help from friends to kill monsters and remain alive.

The gameplay of Spider Horror Multiplayer is simple and thrilling. Its useful features include moderate graphics, better optimization, bloodthirsty enemies, and different multiplayer modes. More than 5 million people downloaded from the Play Store and is considered one of the unique multiplayer horror games for Android.

Playtime Adventure Multiplayer

Playtime Adventure Multiplayer is a scary teacher multiplayer game, created by Z & K Games. The story behind the game lies between a teacher and a high school. On an annual camping trip, the students go to a horror and spooky place with a school teacher. All the students are locked in the mysterious camping area and plan to escape from that haunted place.

Players can find the hidden keys and clues to unlock the main gate. In this multiplayer horror game, you can get help from your friends to escape and stay alive from the ghosts. Be aware because you have limited time, if you fail to go out then your teacher will punish you. Players have options like choosing weapons, playing as a hunter or survivor, and exciting 5 vs 1 mode.

Horrorfield Multiplayer Horror

Cheely Apps has designed a versatile horror game called Horrorfield Multiplayer Horror, which is used by 10 million+ users worldwide. It is a horrifying action horror game in which players play this scary hide and seek game with their friends online. Many deadly serial killers try to find you and kill you if you get caught by them.

In addition, you can choose your unique set of abilities including doctor, engineer, basketball player, thief, scientist, and police officer. Each player who chooses a specific character will use their skill to rescue their friends from serial killers. Players can also choose the roles from the 4 different psychos Butcher, Ghost, Cultist, and Beast.

Horror Brawl

Horror Brawl is an online multiplayer horror game in which you play as a shooter against bad characters. Your main goal is to annihilate the people by searching for and using the best weapons. In this game, players unlock exclusive rewards and earn experience by completing missions. You can also change the appearance of horror characters.

Moreover, you can complete weekly and daily missions to receive exclusive Keplerians gifts and more rewards. Keplerians Horror Games are the developers of this game. More games from the developers are Ice Scream 1 to Ice Scream 8. With a 4.2-star rating and 10 million+ downloads, Horror Brawl is a great choice for horror game lovers.

Hide from Zombies

Hide from Zombies is a zombie horror game, offered by NOBODYSHOT LTD. If you are tired of playing Hiding under the Tables or other games and looking for a really interesting thrilling and action game, then Hide from Zombies is for you. The story behind the game is that a player out of ten players randomly turns into a zombie due to biological contamination. The goal of an infected zombie is to find, catch, and infect the other nine players hiding in the rooms.

It comes with more surprising features such as ten unique heroes with unique abilities, seven large maps with secret passages, lots of grenades and traps, advanced weapons, and customization of the characters. The game’s paid subscription allows players to unlock secrets, use weapons, and more. Magic Drawing for Kids and FootRock 2 are also releases of their developers.

Identity V

Identity V is a powerful multiplayer horror game available on the Google Play Store with 10M+ downloads. It is offered by NetEase Games. It is the first (1 vs 4) asymmetrical horror game for Android. With a gothic visual style and mysterious storyline, Identity V is considered a most thrilling game for Android.

Its key features include one hunter and four survivors, choosing multiple characters, randomized map adjustments, help from teammates, and more. Identity V brings a breathtaking experience for horror game fans. More games by the NetEase Games are Blood Strike, LifeAfter, Cyber Hunter, Knives Out, Badlanders, and EVE Echoes.

Mimicry: Online Horror Action

Last but not least, Mimicry: Online Horror Action is an action-packed horror game by Euphoria Horror Games. It is a battle royale online horror game in which one monster hunts eight survivors. Its shocking features include unpredictable matches, customization of characters, various locations, voice chat during battle, and scary monsters. In multiplayer mode, you can help from friends to survive each other.

In this game, one monster and eight players try to destroy each other. You can play as a monster or player, kill your enemies, find weapons, and hunt the monsters. With its lots of game modes, wide character customization, and dark & spooky atmosphere, everyone loves to play this game. Overall, Mimicry is one of the best multiplayer horror games for Android.

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