13 Best Face Swap Apps For Android in 2024

Sharing photos on social media platforms along with different funny faces has become a trend nowadays. Many camera apps are used not only to create beauty filters, stickers, music, GIFs, and funny faces in photos. Rather, some of them add a lot of flavor by changing your facial features in a snapshot to make you look like an old man or a child. 

Face swapping pics have stormed the Internet. But how these pics can be created and which apps are best for that. Don’t worry, here we have listed the 13 best face swap apps for Android devices. These apps are available on the Google Play Store and are easy to use for everyone.

Best Face Swap Apps For Android

FaceApp – Al Face Editor

FaceApp is a multipurpose face editor app that helps you to swap faces in just one tap and more enhancements in the photo. It is developed by FaceApp Technology Ltd. It is the most popular free face swap app whose all created images look real. In this app, you can apply different filters to your photos such as beauty filters, aging filters, various background effects, facial hair, hair colors, and pimple & blemish removers. It became very popular because of its aging filter.

Moreover, you can also swap faces with your friends, see what your kids will look like in the future, show yourself looking smaller or bigger with this weight filter, put your face in popular movie scenes, and many more fun filters. These often include tattoos in custom areas. FaceApp is full of features, so be prepared to remove them. You can also purchase the premium version so that you can add more advanced features that are not available in the free version.

Face Swap Booth – Face Changer

Face Swap Booth is another of the best face swap apps, designed by Revosoft Technologies PTY LTD. Its advanced features allow you to swap your face into someone else’s face or even with the faces of your favorite celebrities across multiple photos. This app not only focuses more on face swaps but also has a lot of funny filters. This app uses AI to swap faces that’s why everything looks close to real.

For example, there are many tools for changing the appearance so that you can combine the appearance of multiple people or change them in places. Also, you can change not only the whole face but also some parts of it. That way, you can change the color of your eyes or lips and even your hairstyle. In addition, You can change the gender of your friends live and if you like, you can share it with your friends as fun.

Facetune: Photo/Video Retouch

Facetune is the world’s premier photo editor helps to edit your photos at one tap using AI filters. The app is useful to enhance photos as well as videos with powerful editing tools. Facetune is powered by Lightricks Ltd. With just a few taps, you can edit one frame or apply any changes to the entire video instantly.

The app comes with multiple versatile filters and features such as face makeup, removing face blemishes, refreshing eye colors, and changing hairstyles. Users can also explore its AI features like AI clothes, AI photo enhancers, and AI gender changers. With more than 50 million downloads on the Google Play Store, Facetune is one of the stunning face swap apps for Android.

Reface: Funny face swap videos

Reface is one of the best face swap apps for Android devices with over 100 million active users. In 2020, it was nominated for the Google Play Store Users Choice Awards. This app is most famous worldwide for funny face swap pictures and videos with advanced camera features. It provides daily access to humorous, funny videos & photos, GIFs, memes, and facial filters & effects. Put yourself in any meme or swap your face to look like a celebrity with the help of AI technology.

And the most impressive thing about this app is that you can produce the whole body gender swap and you can even add an audio file to it. That’s why many users prefer this app when they try to change their faces with pop stars, celebrities, or beautiful actresses. It is the top-rated app on the Google Play Store offered by NEOCORTEXT, INC.

Photo Lab Picture Editor & Art

Photo Lab Picture Editor & Art is another decent viral app, offered by Linerock Investments LTD. It has over 100 million downloads on the Google Play Store and billions of followers worldwide. And it is definitely an effective face swap app. Its face swap filter has become very popular so it will not be a problem to find it in the vastest collection. The amazing thing about the app is that it allows you to change genders in real-time mode. So in the opposite sex, your shot will not be static and you can make videos and share them with friends. 

Also, when you speak, the filter converts your voice into a more masculine or feminine voice. In addition to the face swap filter, you can use other masks To further improve the results. For example, you can add eyelashes or facial hair to your video. It is also possible to save unlimited photos and videos of all your memorable occasions. It has fantastic face photo montages, animated effects, photo frames, and multiple advanced filters for a realistic look.

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Cupace – Cut and Paste Face Photo

Cupace is a simple face swap as well as a photo editor app to cut and paste faces on any photo. Aside from the face swap, you can add text to photos, stickers & emojis, fun collages, make a meme, and funny photos. You can also use the face swap feature in group photos as well, note that the app is not very good at recognizing faces. That’s why you will need to highlight each face manually for proper facial transformation. However, Cupace is a reasonable alternative when no other such app works for you.

Additionally, with its zoom mode, you can zoom the face that you want to cut and paste into the photos. Overall, it is the best face swap app for Android by Picmax with a 4.5-star rating on Google Play. Its great feature is that whatever image you cut will be saved in it and you can reuse it. So you can skip the annoying accuracy of cutting the face.

Face Swap Live

Face Swap Live by Laan Labs lets you swap faces with your friends or your favorite celebrity in real-time. Here real-time means that you can check the results directly before snapping the photo. This app is filled with multiple filters to use for gender-swapping, and face altering. All the filters are automatically applied, just you have to choose which filter you want to use. These filters allow you to get good lighting, a better angle, and more fun effects. 

And most importantly, you can put yourself in a video and add more feminine or masculine voice filters for better face swap pranks. The surprising thing is that you can put your face on your favorite pet. In addition, you can save videos and send them to your best friends or post them on Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, or other social media accounts.

FaceSwapper: AI Swap Videos

FaceSwapper is a great AI face swapping app, created by Prominent Fortune PTE. LTD. You can use this app to enhance photos and videos that look realistic like a movie superstar. With its one-click face swap technology, users can easily replace faces in videos. You can also make funny short videos by using funny face-morphing memes. Users can also share hilarious clips on social media.

Moreover, it is also possible to make funny photos and GIFs. The FaceSwapper app is fast and secure and doesn’t store your facial data on its server. So, if you are looking for a mind-blowing face swapping app for Android, then you must try FaceSwapper.

Old Age Face Effects App

Old Age Face Effects App is an interesting app that shows how you look after you get old. This app is designed with various photo editor filters and advanced technologies that automatically recognize your face and exactly show how you will see after a few decades. Therewith, you can use the gender swap feature, baby face filter, funny face filter, smiling effect, and so on. You can look glamorous by changing color correction and using glares in your photos. 

Its gender swap filters, it is fully automated and work on AI. That’s why its results are fast and the pictures are looking gorgeous. This app is great for people who want to get a variety of experiences on their faces and are looking for a good alternative version of a gender swap.

FaceLab: Face Editor, Aging

Facelab Face Editor by Lyrebird Studios is also the best gender swap and aging face app. You can make it more fun by using its young to old filters that look close to real. You can even turn yourself into a cartoon character with its amazing cartoon face filters. In addition, FaceLab offers multiple beauty filters such as hair color changers, acne and blemishes remover, freckles, and makeovers. So, let’s prank your friends by sharing face swap photos prepared by the Facelab app.

With its old aging filters, you can easily see how would you look after 50 or 60 years in real life. You should also try its funny magic filters that are refacing, glasses, oil painting, and fat filters with your friends. So, let’s install this fantastic app on your phone and take a deep breath.

PortraitAI – Classic Portrait

Another amazing free face swap app for Android users is PortraitAI, which converts your snapshots into different genders as well as old-fashioned drawings. This app is built-in with a lot of unique filters such as cartoon, aging, beauty, babyface, zombie, drawing, and a large collection of various features. Furthermore, This app has its own built-in camera with which you can check live each filter what you will look like before taking a shot.

PortraitAI has over 1 million downloads and a 4+ star rating on Google Play, which is enough to add this to the list of most popular apps. By the way, PortraitAI is best for those people who want to use face swap and drawing effects in one app.

Face Changer 2

Face Changer 2 is a decent app that empowers you to change your face from male to female and vice versa. An ordinary person will not be able to recognize the photo swapped by him quickly. Therewith, you can swap faces with your friends, celebrities, and even your favorite pets. Moreover, you can experience different appearances by changing your face parts, hairstyles, facial hair, and silly glasses.

Its gender swap filter works with AI so the result looks very realistic without any blemishes or cracks. However, it is best to choose snapshots with good angles so that the output looks gorgeous. It is also possible to add some fun effects and lots of craze filters that make you look like monsters, aliens, zombies, and cartoon characters.

Face Me – AI Art Photo Editor

Last but not least, Face Me is an interesting photo editor app that comes with powerful AI technology. Fillog Studio is the developer of this extraordinary app. It is designed with many AI photo editing tools such as AI hairstyles, AI art generator, Facial animation, Artistic background, face makeup, cartoonify, and vintage photos.

Face Me also helps to create a couple of photos and bestie photos with just a few clicks. With its age and gender swapping feature, everyone looks like a young man or woman. It is also helpful in enhancing image quality and choosing different backgrounds. In addition, users can also create unique collage photos, transform hairstyles, add text and stickers, and erase wrinkles & pimples.

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